Simple Hope for LCMS Families

Joe Isenhower Jr. wrote the following in the LCMS (Lutheran Church Missouri Synod) News for 2-23-2016, “A clear message emerged from the Feb. 12-13 meeting of the LCMS Board for National Mission (BNM) here — the need to strengthen Lutheran families.”

Photo by Hendrik van Leeuwen

Photo by Hendrik van Leeuwen

I couldn’t agree more!

Lutheran families are no different from any others in the ways that sin and Satan have caused them to be assaulted, corrupted and broken.  All families suffer under the lies of Satan and our own sinful selfish nature.  It’s hard to hear God’s way for families; the ONLY way to healing and hope, growth and joy.

I’m eager to join with any others who will rally together to make known Jesus’ way of life for families.  Jesus forgives our failures.  Jesus shows us truly sacrificial, unconditional and incarnational love.  Jesus empowers us to show such love.  Jesus is the way for every family, including Lutheran families, to thrive.

This message of life in Jesus’ way must be proclaimed in a simple and memorable way for all to hear and follow.   Lengthy books and lectures on all the great theology for families will go unheard by most.  Simple.  Memorable.  Jesus centered.  Those are the keys to change.

I will continue to declare the power of a “Thumbs Up” approach to life with Jesus at the heart of all rewarding relationships.  I will continue to proclaim the power of love marked by sacrifice, unconditional commitment and physical care.  As these simple truths from the Word of God are declared in every way possible, Lutheran families and all families will be abundantly blessed.  They will survive, thrive and shine as bright witnesses to the world.  Life in God’s way will bring healing and hope in the LCMS and to the ends of the earth.


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