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Start by Answering Life’s 3 Big Questions

Marriages and families are in distress. Blunt. Painful. Reality. It’s the consequence of the sinful selfishness that infects us all. How do we turn this around? WE DON’T! But, the God who made us STILL loves us and is eager to heal our brokenness. And, in fact, He already has. Jesus did it. Done deal! We get to benefit from it by receiving His gift for free. Where do we start? Repentance of our selfishness. Fleeing to Him for grace....

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On Removing Splinters from Noses

As a follow-up to my post last week regarding pronouns, today I’m sharing a bit of a parable. Discussions this week showed there were many with a hunger for more on this topic, especially as it relates to parenting children in our world today. When my son was about two years old, he was intrigued by the dog living beyond our backyard and would often peek between the slats of the tall wooden fence to see this giant white dog. One day I came...

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Which Pronouns Do YOU Prefer?

It’s popular these days to discuss the usage of pronouns. Many are very concerned about which ones are used in reference to their personal identity. Do you like to be associated with “she, her, hers” or “he, him, his” or “they, them, theirs” or …? While personal identity is a very important matter, I believe we are on the wrong track if we get hung up about such pronouns. The focus of all of this talk is what I want to make ME...

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Surfing the Bore Tide

Bore Tide – Turnagain Arm, Alaska – June 1995 On my honeymoon with Heather to Alaska we had the privilege to witness a pretty cool phenomenon of nature, the Bore Tide in Turnagain Arm. This is a wave of about five to ten feet in height that surges down this narrow and shallow bay. As high tide rolls in from the ocean, the water is forced as through a funnel into a narrow space, producing a rapidly progressing wall of water....

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Read the Bible with a Family Focus

In January of 2021 I undertook a huge project. I challenged the members of my congregation and many friends to read through the entire Bible in two years. I committed to writing a half-page commentary on the material for the coming week for all 105 weeks of the plan. As I wrote, I especially focused on God’s plan for the family that is ALL THROUGH the Bible. It was a daunting task. The devil tried to get me to stop. COVID continued to...

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Life in God’s Way

How Marriage in God’s Way Shapes a Complete Christian Worldview