Urban India Ministries Presentation

Next week I’ll be joining my dear brother in faith, Dr. P. C. Mathew, from Urban India Ministries, in sharing God’s guidance for marriages and families with a group of nearly 300 pastors from India, Indonesia, Thailand, Srilanka, Bhutan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Dubai and Zambia. If pastors do not have strong marriages and families themselves, they’ll have nothing to give to build up others in marriage and family relationships.

My twenty-minute presentation focuses on having our relationship priorities in order according to the design of the Creator of the universe. We know the way to right relationship priorities as we listen to God’s Word and observe the life of Jesus, the perfect Husband to His bride, the church. Check out my presentation HERE. Then, join me in praying for stronger marriage and family relationships among the pastors and church leaders of Jesus’ Kingdom on earth. This isn’t just a nice thing to do so pastors can have happy homes, although that will be a benefit. Helping church leaders have their relationship priorities clear in God’s Way is essential for the sake of our Gospel witness to a world in desperate need of Jesus and His way of life…eternal.

Urban India Ministries
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