Read the Bible in 2 Years

I’d like to personally invite ALL of you to join me and many friends around the world to read through the entire Bible in two years starting January 3rd, 2021.

What better way to move on from the trials of 2020 than to turn our hearts to the LORD and the power of His Word? In an online video presentation each Sunday (starting Jan. 3rd, 2021) at 9:30am U.S. Eastern Time (LIVE LINK available at I’ll be sharing introductory material for the week’s readings that provides historical context, key theological themes, application questions and prayer starters. You can also watch archived presentations you miss and download a weekly one page summary and notes page that you can use to create your own 104 page personal commentary of the Bible. Throughout the two-year journey you’ll be able to go to and click on the Faith Bible Reading Journey link to find out all you need to know.

Throughout this journey, I’ll be highlighting how ALL of Scripture points to the importance of relationships in God’s way. Each week we’ll see that our most important relationship is with Jesus Christ and that every other relationship prospers when the love of Jesus shapes those relationships.

Join me in this Bible reading journey. YOU will grow closer to Jesus! YOUR FAMILY will be blessed with stronger relationships in God’s way! YOUR CHURCH FAMILY will see Jesus more clearly through you! YOUR WORLD will be blessed as they receive life from Jesus through you!

Let the journey begin!

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