Bible Reading Journey Continues

It’s not too late to join the Faith Bible Reading Journey as hundreds of friends from around the globe are joining in an effort to read through the whole Bible in two years with family friendly eyes. We started the journey on January 3rd, but my video presentations and written resources are still available and will remain so indefinitely.

Join each Sunday morning from 9:30-10:30 a.m. (EST) as I’ll be discussing the readings for the coming week. Join me for this presentation via live-stream HERE or watch archived weekly presentations by going HERE.

To download guide pages that summarize my introductory information and provide the readings for the week please go HERE.

As I’ve stated, I’ll be especially looking at what the Bible readings teach us about the Christian family. There are lots of positive and negative examples all through the Bible. The greatest blessing is the message of Jesus’ love for us as the perfect husband. All through the Bible, Jesus is there to shower us with His love, forgive our failures, teach us His ways and bless us with relationships in His way.

A NEW FEATURE of the Bible Reading Journey is that you’ll also be able to join in “live” discussions on Zoom each Wednesday from 6:00-6:50pm, EST. My associate pastor, Robert Scott, or I will be there each week to host open discussion of insights gained or to answer questions that arise through that week’s readings. To join the Zoom chat, see the link on the FBRJ page of Click HERE to go there.

I look forward to seeing you on the journey as we learn God’s way and blessing for all families!

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