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October is sometimes identified as “Pastor Appreciation Month.” It’s very hard for me to be the center of such attention. I truly seek to have the focus remain on Jesus, the “Thumb” in my thumbs up illustration of relationship priorities. Jesus should be the one receiving our highest words of appreciation. In that light, I really liked the words written by Pastor Matyas in the LCMS District newsletter, “Michigan...

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MY Birthday Present

Today is not my birthday. It IS my wife, Heather’s, birthday. I want to publicly thank God for the wonderful “birthday present” he gave to me on this day. Next to Jesus and His eternal salvation, Heather is the GREATEST gift I’ve ever received. To Heather I wish to proclaim for all to hear… My Dearest Heather, I am filled with awe and joy at how blessed I am because you were born on this day. The Lord made you as...

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Jury Duty

Have you ever experienced a blessing that you firmly believed was the hand of God acting for you? I had a strong sense of this in something that happened to me this week. Last month I received notice that I was to be prepared to serve on jury duty for the Circuit Court in my area. On Monday night I checked to see if I had to appear the next day and, thankfully, no one was asked to come in. As directed, I checked again on Tuesday evening....

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Daughter Date Night

In less than a year from now, my “little girl” will be heading off to college. I can’t believe that day is drawing near so quickly. As I was looking at my schedule for this year, I decided I couldn’t waste these precious months I have with Hannah still in our home. So, I decided it was important to put a regular date night with her on my calendar. Now, I still intend to keep a weekly date night with my wife, Heather...

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Wisdom vs. Violence

The headlines are telling again of great violence in the world…civil war, displaced citizens, terrorist bombings, political clashes, and racially motivated assaults and protests…just to name a few. Nothing new in a world blinded by man-made wisdom. WE think WE know what WE need. We fight against anyone who sees things differently. Violence will always result from the corrupted wisdom of sinful people, which we all are. Again, we...

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Life in God’s Way

How Marriage in God’s Way Shapes a Complete Christian Worldview