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Defending Humanity

Although I provided a summary of our Panama trip last week, there were a few comments we received that are worthy of further consideration.  One was by Rupert, the pastor who translated for us.  He said our message had a profound impact because we were modeling “One Flesh” love in all that we did as a family.  We truly cared for each other in a way that people could SEE.  Having heard and seen so many hypocritical speakers, his...

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Panama Mission Trip

From March 26th through April 1st, our family had the privilege to take the principles of “Life in God’s Way” to the people of Panama, Central America.  We lived and worked with Edilberto Mendez, the Director of the Lutheran Hour Ministries’ office in Panama City.  The office operates under the name “Cristo Para Todas Las Nacionces” or “Christ for All the Nations.”  We had a WONDERFUL time!...

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Panama Mission

Next Wednesday, March 26th, my family and I will be traveling to Panama City, Panama for a week-long mission trip.  We’ll be working and staying with the director of Lutheran Hour Ministries in Panama, Mr. Edilberto Mendez Mora.  Our primary tasks will be leading seminars on relationships in God’s way for singles and couples.  We’ll also be visiting the Lutheran Hour Ministry Center and take part in their work in the local...

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To Serve or Not to Serve?

Martin Luther once said in a sermon, “When a prince sees his neighbor oppressed, he should think: That concerns me! I must protect and shield my neighbor….The same is true for shoemaker, tailor, scribe, or reader.  If he is a Christian tailor, he will say: I make these clothes because God has bidden me do so, so that I can earn a living, so that I can help and serve my neighbor.”*   Neither Luther nor the words of...

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Couple Prayer Power

Couples often ask, “What’s ONE thing we can start doing immediately to improve our marriage?”  To answer that, I need to know what they’re NOT doing.  Quite often, a couple of quick questions will provide some important answers.  Are you confessing your guilt to each other and offering forgiveness in the name of Jesus?  That’s one great place to start.  Are you praying together daily?  That’s another...

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Life in God’s Way

How Marriage in God’s Way Shapes a Complete Christian Worldview