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Never Too Late

Sadly, many couples believe their marriage is beyond hope. They’ve been married for 5 or 20 or 40 years and they feel the troubles they have are too deeply ingrained. “There’s no way it can be fixed!” I say…BALONEY! In God’s way, there is ALWAYS hope! I have never encountered a marriage that could not be moved from imminent doom to stability to positivity to real joy. This can and DOES happen when the...

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NEXT Marriage Seminar!

Heather and I continue to enjoy hosting our Marriage in God’s Way seminars.  We’ve had thousands of couples join us to prepare for or grow in a rewarding godly marriage.  It’s been a true joy to see the enthusiastic participation and to hear the positive feedback.  The most rewarding seminars have been those we’ve hosted at our own congregation.  We then have the privilege to see the real change in couples’...

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REVIEW “Handing Out Life”

Thank you to everyone who has voted to make Handing Out Life the 2017 book of the year in its category among Christian small publishers. If you haven’t had a chance to vote, you can still do that before March 31, 2017 by following my directions HERE. Every vote helps to spread the news that this is a great resource for everyone in every relationship. Another way to help spread the word about Handing Out Life is to review it on its Amazon...

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Sabbatical Tour 2018

The leadership of my congregation, Faith Lutheran Church, Grand Blanc, MI, has just agreed to join me in a grand adventure for the summer of 2018. Together, we will seek God’s blessing on a time of sabbatical renewal. Now that I’ve been serving at Faith for 10 years, we want to join in thanking God for guiding us to His way for awesome relationships with Jesus and everyone else. During these years, I’ve completed my DMin...

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Let’s Talk Male & Female

Heather and I had the privilege to speak at a Theological Symposium for the Michigan District of the LCMS in Lansing, MI this past Saturday. The theme for the symposium was “Let’s Talk Male and Female.” Four keynote addresses (with Q&A) covered various aspects of our identity as male and female. Special consideration was given to many current perspectives popular in society that run counter to God’s plan. The focus...

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Life in God’s Way

How Marriage in God’s Way Shapes a Complete Christian Worldview