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Does the Pope Support Gay Marriage?

The media was all astir this week because the Vatican released some comments that sounded supportive of gay marriage.  Liberal forces in the media are so eager to proclaim that “the church” is supportive of their views that they will take ANY word of conciliation as total support. The Vatican was quick to respond that such whole -hearted support of gay marriage is not the case.  The cardinals expressed that the comments flow out...

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Marriage Remains

No matter what judges may say or fail to say, God’s institution of marriage remains the same.  The Supreme Court is choosing to sidestep the matter, this week refusing to step in and protect state marriage amendments.  Other lower court judges are trying to redefine God’s plan, insisting that same sex “marriage” is a foundational institution of our society.  Many in the media are touting the downfall of God’s...

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Funerals, Weddings & Life … in God’s Way

On Monday I ‘ll be officiating for a funeral of a dear Christian woman from my congregation.  Bette finally lost a long battle with cancer.  A week later I’ll be officiating for the wedding of Bette’s daughter, Kelli, and new son-in-law, Marcus.  This wedding was scheduled two weeks ago in hopes that Mom would be able to attend.  There’s sorrow that this didn’t work out.  Yet … in the midst of the sorrow...

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Great Retreat and Feedback

Last week Heather and I had the privilege of leading the members of the presidium, district staff and Circuit Visitors of the Michigan District, along with their wives, in a “Life in God’s Way” retreat.  There were over 60 participants who took part in the majority of the retreat.  We were thrilled to be able to share God’s blessings for marriage and relationships with these influential leaders.  They were highly...

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Seminar Sampler

Many people ask to see a sample of the material that Heather and I share about Life in God’s Way.  We’re eager to pass it on so it can touch more lives.  We feel convinced that the Spirit of God will bless those who are willing to follow His guidance for marriage and all relationships.  So, I thought I’d use this post to share links to our most current seminar materials.  Here are the links to the seminar Power Point and...

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Life in God’s Way

How Marriage in God’s Way Shapes a Complete Christian Worldview