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Handing Out Life Impact

My book, Handing Out Life, is certainly having an impact.  I’ve written before about a local realtor, Kristy Cantleberry, who has been touched by the teachings in Handing Out Life and has become a dear friend.  She sends out a monthly newsletter as a mass mailing to clients and others in the community.  This month Kristy shared her very moving testimony related to the work God is doing in her life.  I’ve received her permission...

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Chamber-Take 2

Back in January I wrote about my experience as I spoke to the Grand Blanc Michigan Chamber of Commerce.  Attendees were eager to learn about relationships as modeled and taught by Jesus.  That presentation led to several follow-up conversations and meetings.  One local realtor had me come and speak to her whole team.  They were so engaged that the scheduled 30 minutes turned into 90.   I’ve also attended two “happy hour”...

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Yesterday I attended a power networking event sponsored by an area Chamber of Commerce.  It’s a pretty crazy experience.  48 people facing each other in two lines.  You get 30 seconds to share your story with the person across from you before you rotate.  You make contact with 47 people in less than an hour.  It was tiring but rewarding.  I made several contacts with members of the community who were excited to hear about Life in...

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Book Released

Handing Out Life is now available for purchase (CLICK HERE TO SEE IT ON AMAZON).  This is the book that I’ve been thinking about for over 10 years and that I put to paper last fall.  It summarizes the key concepts I’ve been sharing in this blog and through various seminars, papers and sermons on the topic of marriage and all relationships in God’s way.  Here’s the summary of my book as it appears on the back cover of...

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Marriage in God’s Way Seminar

For the past ten plus years, Heather and I have been hosting our Marriage in God’s Way seminars all across North, Central and South America.  We’ve had thousands of couples join us to prepare for or grow in a rewarding godly marriage.  It’s been a true joy to see the enthusiastic participation and to hear the positive feedback.  The most rewarding seminars have been those we’ve hosted at our own congregation.  We...

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Life in God’s Way

How Marriage in God’s Way Shapes a Complete Christian Worldview