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I apologize I didn’t catch that my posts were not linking to my Facebook page for a few weeks.  Just caught it and fixed the problem.  You may have missed several of my posts since the start of 2016.  If so, I’d encourage you to check them out.  In particular, I’d appreciate your feedback from the one I posted last week.  Don’t forget you can go directly to my blog at THANKS and God Bless!

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About My Book

Last week I finished writing a book that summarizes the teachings that I share on this blog regarding marriage and relationships in God’s way.  In my last blog post I commented on my struggle with the decision about a publisher.  I thank the Lord for bringing me to a peaceful conclusion on that matter.  Three days ago I signed a contract with a publisher and the process is under way to get my book into print.  I’m truly excited...

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Making big decisions can be nerve-wracking, frustrating, overwhelming and frightening.  Buying a car.  Which job to take.  Whom to marry.  Where to live.  Which health treatment to utilize.  Continuing life support.  These are just some of the decisions that can paralyze us with fear.  I’ve made my fair share of such decisions, but they can still tie me up in knots. This past couple of weeks I’ve found myself running in...

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The Hunger Games

I just finished listening to the last book in The Hunger Games series.  The overwhelming response from my family is that this book series was very sad and depressing.  We understand that there’s violence and evil in the world.  We understand that people are mistreated all the time.  We understand that such things need to be addressed.  We understand that books like these are useful in causing people to step back and look at the...

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Chamber of Commerce Presentation

This morning I had the delightful privilege to be the featured speaker for the Grand Blanc (Michigan) Chamber of Commerce’s monthly breakfast meeting.  I attend these meetings regularly, but this is the first time I’ve spoken to the group of about 50 people. Although it was a “secular” setting, the entire group was welcoming and attentive as I spoke about interpersonal relationships.  It reinforced what I’ve said...

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Life in God’s Way

How Marriage in God’s Way Shapes a Complete Christian Worldview