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“Lows” & “Highs”

I just spent about two weeks moving through the process of having a car “totaled,” settling with insurance and then finding a replacement used car. It has been a time-consuming, tiresome, frustrating and sometimes infuriating process. At some points, I could hardly sleep as the whole process was consuming my mind and emotions. Many of those days gave me lots of “Lows” to share as part of our daily family “Highs...

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Sorrow Over Terrorism

This week I heard the terrible news about an 85-year-old priest in Normandy, France who was beheaded by radical Islamic terrorists while he was conducting mass.  Such news just makes me shake my had in sorrow.  NOT sorrow for the priest.  Actually, I rejoice with him that all his sorrows are now over and he is celebrating at the wedding feast of the Bridegroom, Jesus. NOT sorrow out of fear.  Terrorists like this can’t intimidate...

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By the Book

Things don’t always go “by the book.”  They don’t happen the way we think they’re supposed to.  When I became a pastor I had a certain idea of what evangelism looked like.  The books in seminary talked a lot about knocking on doors, welcoming people to church for “Friendship Sunday,” feeding hungry bodies and then souls.  All these are great ideas for sharing our faith.  But, I didn’t hear...

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The Words of Institution – Powerful in Any Language

While in Guatemala on my recent mission trip, I had an unexpected request.  Our team joined in worship with the members of World’s Redeemer Lutheran Church in the small Mayan village of  Santiago Zamora.  Local church laymen were prepared to conduct the service including the delivery of a message, all in Spanish.  However, the pastor who was to be there to officiate over the celebration of the Lord’s Supper could not make it at...

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Guatemala Mission Trip ’16

Next week at this time, Heather, Hannah, Micah and I will be with 17 friends on a mission trip to Guatemala.  Heather and I will be leading two separate seminars of Marriage in God’s Way.  We’re thrilled to be returning to the country where we’ve shared God’s way for marriage and relationships on two prior trips (2008 & 2009).  Our host for both of those trips was Rebeca de Franco, the Director of Lutheran Hour...

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Life in God’s Way

How Marriage in God’s Way Shapes a Complete Christian Worldview