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A Peep Show

Last week I got away with all my in-laws for some long-needed vacation time.  I had a great time focusing on my thumb and first two fingers.  Using the “Thumbs Up” illustration, that means I reconnected with Jesus, my wife, my kids and several of my extended family members.  I did NOT worry about my duties in the church.  It was WONDERFUL to not be responsible for decisions beyond what to eat or which family member to take...

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Vacation or Vaccination?

Next week I’m heading on a vacation.  However,  when I’ve told some people where I’m going, they say it sounds about as much fun as having a vaccination.  You see, I’ll be spending a week in northern Michigan sharing a house with Heather, Hannah, Micah … Heather’s parents … her 3 sisters … their husbands … and one niece.  The mention of all these relatives sharing a home for a whole week...

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Time with Your Teen

Parents often lament the trials of raising a teen.  They complain that they just don’t know their child anymore.  It’s very easy for parents to become separated from their teen-aged children.  Those teens are torn by so many feelings as they’re trying to fit in with peers, obey parents, have fun, succeed in life, accept their body and honor God … all at the same time.  It’s not surprising when parents become...

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A Father’s Day Gift

Hi everyone! First let me introduce myself.  I am not Pastor Biermann; I’m his fifteen year old daughter Hannah.  This Father’s Day instead of giving Dad a tangible present, I decided to write this blog entry for him. My Dad doesn’t just teach people about sacrificial, unconditional and incarnational love, he lives it every day.  He shows these types of love through his actions and words.  He’s not perfect but he tries to model how...

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RETREAT!  In battle, that cry often signals there’s trouble and you’re on the losing side.  However, in a marriage, the cry of “RETREAT!” can be an important reminder of something very good for the couple.  Time away as ONLY husband and wife is very beneficial to the relationship.  Some suggest it’s good to get away for at least a night every 3 months. I agree with the value of couples retreating together....

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Life in God’s Way

How Marriage in God’s Way Shapes a Complete Christian Worldview