Read the Bible with a Family Focus

In January of 2021 I undertook a huge project. I challenged the members of my congregation and many friends to read through the entire Bible in two years. I committed to writing a half-page commentary on the material for the coming week for all 105 weeks of the plan. As I wrote, I especially focused on God’s plan for the family that is ALL THROUGH the Bible. It was a daunting task. The devil tried to get me to stop. COVID continued to make plans and progress difficult. My associate pastor was out of commission with a terrible illness for about five months. I’ve been battling Iritis in both eyes for ten months. But, I refused to give up.

Earlier this month I finally finished the complete set of commentaries on the whole Bible! I was so overwhelmed with gratitude at what I learned in the process, that it brought me to tears in the end. God is so awesome! His Word is so powerful! He has the perfect, Gospel-rich direction for marriage and family relationships…in HIS WAY!

Everyone who joined me in the Bible Reading Journey was truly blessed and continually told me of the blessings they were receiving. If you missed out or only took part briefly, I challenge you to join the journey now…or as soon as you can. 1-1-23 might be a good time to start. You can find the information… including my commentary pages, weekly hour-long lectures by me on YouTube, weekly devotions and more…at this LINK to my congregation’s website (or cut and paste…

In coming weeks I hope to give you samples of what’s in my commentaries. Come back soon to see.

Looking forward to CONTINUING the journey of growing in God’s blessings for families found in His awesome Word!

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