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Start by Answering Life’s 3 Big Questions

Marriages and families are in distress. Blunt. Painful. Reality. It’s the consequence of the sinful selfishness that infects us all. How do we turn this around? WE DON’T! But, the God who made us STILL loves us and is eager to heal our brokenness. And, in fact, He already has. Jesus did it. Done deal! We get to benefit from it by receiving His gift for free. Where do we start? Repentance of our selfishness. Fleeing to Him for grace....

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NEXT Marriage Seminar!

Heather and I continue to enjoy hosting our Marriage in God’s Way seminars.  We’ve had thousands of couples join us to prepare for or grow in a rewarding godly marriage.  It’s been a true joy to see the enthusiastic participation and to hear the positive feedback.  The most rewarding seminars have been those we’ve hosted at our own congregation.  We then have the privilege to see the real change in couples’...

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Life in God’s Way

How Marriage in God’s Way Shapes a Complete Christian Worldview