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Running for Chocolate

Last Saturday, on a BLUSTERY, FREEZING, early winter morning, a brave team from Faith Lutheran Church, including the 9 pictured above, joined together to run for a very noble cause … CHOCOLATE!  We all successfully completed the 5K “Grand Blanc Chocolate Run.”  And, yes, there WAS chocolate.  Chocolate candy.  Chocolate chip cookies.  Chocolate dipped pretzels.  Chocolate sports drink.  Even a chocolate fountain with...

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The Way It Was Meant to Be

In a room was a pile of nine wooden blocks.  Each was perfectly shaped into the form of a number between 1 and 9.  Also in the room, was a pile of nine wooden cubes.  Each had a hole in it that perfectly matched one of the nine number blocks.  A four year old child was placed in this room and told to put the blocks and cubes together.  That was the only instruction.  In just a few short minutes, the child had a neat row of cubes.  Each...

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Relationship Priorities

“Thumbs Up” Illustration It can be challenging to keep all our relationships in order.  If we don’t, life can become confusing, frustrating and devoid of God’s love.  Yet, God offers us direction on how to align our priorities in His way.  God’s directives can be summarized in a SIMPLE and MEMORABLE way using the “thumbs up” illustration for prioritization of relationships. Christ The first point of the...

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An Introduction to Life in God’s Way

God’s perfect way for marriage and family relationships continues to be replaced by the way of fools … otherwise known as sinful humans.  The destructive impact on marriages, families and society as a whole is alarming.  Relationships are being broken and the Gospel of Jesus Christ is being obscured.  One of the most distressing aspects of this demise is that those in the Christian church who should be leading others to know and follow...

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Life in God’s Way

How Marriage in God’s Way Shapes a Complete Christian Worldview