An Introduction to Life in God’s Way

God’s perfect way for marriage and family relationships continues to be replaced by the way of fools … otherwise known as sinful humans.  The destructive impact on marriages, families and society as a whole is alarming.  Relationships are being broken and the Gospel of Jesus Christ is being obscured.  One of the most distressing aspects of this demise is that those in the Christian church who should be leading others to know and follow God’s way are falling to the same godless ways.  Church workers are seeing their marriages fall to pieces, their families crumble and their lives disintegrate.  This is taking a terrible toll on all who seek to learn the way of God from these leaders.

Yet, the God who created marriage and family never abandons us.  His enduring Word continues to show us the way to forgiveness, healing and hope … if we listen to its simple truth.  God shows us how to put our priorities in order.  He teaches us the basic elements that are essential to healthy relationships.  We benefit as we remember these basic truths on a daily basis.  We’re renewed by placing Jesus in the number one position in life.  We’re equipped and empowered to love others as He has first loved us.

Many very good resources are available to guide us to God’s way for relationships.  The unique approach of “Life in God’s Way” is to KEEP IT SIMPLE & MEMORABLE.  Five fingers and a triangle are all it takes to remember God’s way to a strong Christian marriage, family and life as a whole.  These simple illustrations will place God’s power in our hands to guide both personal practice and instruction for others.  They’ll provide newcomers to the Christian faith with blessings and guidance that are within their grasp.  These simple illustrations will also be effective means for those who have never really understood the true Jesus to be drawn into a saving relationship with Him that will change all the rest of their relationships as well.

God is the master of relationships.  His wonderful way is right at our fingertips.  There is still hope for marriages, families and society as a whole.  It’s all a matter of learning to live “Life in God’s Way.”

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