The Way It Was Meant to Be

In a room was a pile of nine wooden blocks.  Each was perfectly shaped into the form of a number between 1 and 9.  Also in the room, was a pile of nine wooden cubes.  Each had a hole in it that perfectly matched one of the nine number blocks.  A four year old child was placed in this room and told to put the blocks and cubes together.  That was the only instruction.  In just a few short minutes, the child had a neat row of cubes.  Each had its matching number block neatly and snugly nestled within it.  This scene was repeated several times … until one angry boy decided he didn’t want to be playing with blocks.  He wanted to be outside playing baseball instead.  In anger, he started breaking the blocks and forcing them together in contorted ways.  The #1 was crammed into the #9.  The #2 cube was broken in half and part was inside the #5 cube while the other part was inside the #7 cube.  Chunks and splinters of wood were strewn all over.  It was a chaotic mess and the blocks and cubes were destroyed.

The number blocks and matching cubes were designed to go together as pairs in a very specific way.  Humans are designed the same way.  Our physiology cries out in bold testimony to this plan of our Maker.  When we follow the pattern of our design, we pair up nicely, orderly and snugly.  However, when we rebel against the design and force things together in a different way, the results are devastating.

Some things are so obvious that even a four year old can see them.  That’s the way it was meant to be.

From fragmented’s photo stream

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