Running for Chocolate

Team Faith ... Ready to Run

Team Faith … Ready to Run

Last Saturday, on a BLUSTERY, FREEZING, early winter morning, a brave team from Faith Lutheran Church, including the 9 pictured above, joined together to run for a very noble cause … CHOCOLATE!  We all successfully completed the 5K “Grand Blanc Chocolate Run.”  And, yes, there WAS chocolate.  Chocolate candy.  Chocolate chip cookies.  Chocolate dipped pretzels.  Chocolate sports drink.  Even a chocolate fountain with things to dip … pretzels, fruit, potato chips, marshmallows, rice crispy treats, Oreos, graham crackers.  There was also a post race scavenger hunt through town to various businesses that provided free chocolate items including fudge and chocolate shakes.  Ahhhhh, it was a bit of heaven on earth 🙂

But, that wasn’t the best part of the race.  It was wonderful to run with fellow members of the Faith family.  We were all physically and emotionally supporting each other in the healthy habit of exercise; taking care of “the temple of the Spirit.”  Okay, Okay.  The chocolate wasn’t so healthy, but there were MANY training days without chocolate that led up to this day.

Best of all for me, personally, was running the race with my wife and two children; our first race as a family.  I was so proud of the work we’d done to prepare and to then overcome the challenge.  It gave us a visible reminder that we’re in this life together.  We can and will overcome any obstacles that come our way as we lift each other in prayer and encouragement and receive God’s strength.  It was a vivid illustration of life in God’s way.  We shared sacrificial, unconditional and incarnational love as we trained and ran the race.  It wasn’t just a race for chocolate.  It was an experience we’ll always remember.  We’re not alone in this race of faith.  We WILL overcome with Christ who gives us the victory.

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