Quality Time IN Quantity Time

By gleasonmj

The church building was shut down this past Monday and Tuesday due to a storm and power outage.  I worked at home those two days.  You’d think this would have yielded some quality time with my family.  Sadly, this didn’t work out.  I was so busy calling people to cancel events, reschedule activities, beg the power company to have mercy on us, etc. etc., that I probably spent LESS time with my family than usual … even though I was under the same roof.  When this was brought to my attention, I was convicted.  Without spending a certain QUANTITY of time together, there just was NOT any opportunity for any QUALITY interactions to occur.  Thankfully, my family is merciful and gracious.  I sought and received forgiveness.  We’re looking forward to some time together for my day off tomorrow.  I’m sure that in the midst of this extended QUANTITY of time together, God will provide us with some QUALITY interactions as well.

All these thoughts fit well with what Rev. Dale Meyer shared in his “Meyer Minute” on Nov. 13th, 2013.  He wrote, “I fondly remember evening meals when I was growing up near Chicago.  Every meal started with grace and then we dug into whatever Mom had prepared.  We also dug into conversation.  Most of the table talk was mundane, quickly forgotten.  But you know, that’s when God did – and still does – some of His best for a family.  When you’re gathered around a meal, talking about everyday things, there’s always an opportunity to share a good word with one another from God.  Today many families seldom eat together because of the press of busy schedules.  We’ve justified it with a false distinction between quality and quantity time.  You need both.  Recommitting to the old habit of family meals gives quantity time from which quality moments spring.  You’ll find it one of the most effective tools for good parenting and better marriages.  Awaiting you is more than the grace of the mealtime prayers.  The greatest grace awaiting you in family meals is that in the midst of everyday talk you can share with one another God’s words of help and hope.”

I thank God for the opportunity to spend QUANTITY time with my family that yields some great QUALITY time.  I’m glad my family loves me enough to remind me to do both.

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