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Life in God’s Way – Bible Study 2

In the following study, God’s Word gives us guidance for the prioritization of all our relationships.  While not necessarily providing hard and fast rules, it does provide some helpful guidelines that are  simple and memorable.  As an introduction to this study, you may wish to review my blog post on “Relationship Priorities.” Once again, any feedback or questions you have on this study are encouraged (either in a comment at...

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End of Summer Blues

Yesterday was my 49th birthday.  I should be happy I still have another year before, as my daughter informed me, I’ll be “old.”  But, since childhood, my birthday has usually been accompanied by a bit of sadness due to the fast approach of school and now a full church schedule.  It’s not as though I haven’t been busy this summer.  It’s been crazy hectic.  But, at least I’ve enjoyed a lot of fun time...

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18 Years of Blessings!

On June 3rd my marriage to Heather will have reached adulthood.  This is our 18th wedding anniversary.  Now that we’re past adolescence, I can say with delight that our marriage has, indeed, matured and improved.  We’ve grown in wisdom and understanding of each other.  We’ve shared many happy times together.  Most of all, we’ve learned the importance of relying on the Lord to keep us strong.  Our devotional and prayer life...

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Make It a Date!

Last week we had the privilege of hosting 20 couples at our church for a “Romantic Dinner” complete with candles, nice music, free food and guided conversation.  The couples all raved about how wonderful it was to be on a “date” with each other.  Most commented that they RARELY do this.  THIS SHOULD NOT BE SO!!! One of the lessons Heather and I have learned by experience and from countless wise mentors is that going on...

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Family Time

Tomorrow I’ll be on my way for a much needed vacation with my family.  Although we’re not going to the Super Bowl, we’re taking advantage of it being in New Orleans.  We got a great deal on a western Caribbean cruise out of New Orleans on Feb. 2 because it’s hard for the cruise companies to get people to come to a city that’s totally filled with Super Bowl guests.  But, it works for us since we’re driving...

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Life in God’s Way

How Marriage in God’s Way Shapes a Complete Christian Worldview