Family Time

Cruise Ships Sail by Miami Beach © by Lisa Andres

Tomorrow I’ll be on my way for a much needed vacation with my family.  Although we’re not going to the Super Bowl, we’re taking advantage of it being in New Orleans.  We got a great deal on a western Caribbean cruise out of New Orleans on Feb. 2 because it’s hard for the cruise companies to get people to come to a city that’s totally filled with Super Bowl guests.  But, it works for us since we’re driving and staying outside of the city before and after the cruise.  This also works for us since we enjoy road trips.  Time to just be together as a family without distraction and without my ELECTRONIC LEASH!

I’m REALLY looking forward to being on a cruise that won’t have cell phone access.  My cell phone has become an invisible leash that won’t relinquish its hold on my ear and mind.  Even when I’m home with the family, our time is often interrupted by the URGENT (or not-so-urgent) call that demands immediate attention.  I find it hard to ever really “check out” and fully invest myself in the ones I love most on this earth, my wife and kids.

It’s been incredibly therapeutic for the past few weeks to just have this trip to look forward to.  Even if the cruise isn’t wonderful in every way, it will be wonderful to be away with my family in the midst of God’s grand creation.  I’ll still be praying for all of you … which I really enjoy doing in an extended way on road trips away like this.  But, I’m also looking forward to not talking to any of you 🙂  No offense.  Just need to renew so I can come back at it with full energy again.

Until I’m back … I entrust you all into the more capable hands of the Lord.  Thankfully, He NEVER takes a vacation from us 🙂

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