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Todd and I recently returned from a wonderful Marriage In God’s Way retreat for married and engaged couples.  We had about 30 couples attend an overnight retreat in Holland, MI.  Nine of the couples were engaged and we had couples from all stages of life.  The longest married couple will be celebrating their 45th anniversary this year.  We had some wonderful comments on the evaluation sheets that we’d like to share.

My ONE greatest insight from this seminar was…

Making a choice to give up other choices.  Love is a decision, not just a feeling; love unconditionally!

Keep working to openly communicate.  We just need to keep God in the center of our relationship and look to His Word to build us up when we fall short.

We need to pray in front of our kids more and include our kids in prayer time.  We  committed today to turn off the T.V. at 8:50 pm, before bedtime, and pray all together.  Let the children say what is on their mind.

Reopening my eyes and refocusing on each other.  This has been a great experience.  Thank you for your time.  This could not have come at a better time in our relationship.

We were able to talk about some things that we kept quiet about.  It will be easier to continue the discussion at home now.

My wife’s love language has changed with the growth of her career.


[Husband]  To be the head and take charge.

To involve Christ in the sexual part of our marriage.

How things have already improved since you came to our church in 2009.

The ability to use our relationship with God and Christ on a daily basis to help build and gain strength in our marriage.

[Engaged couple] The way God wants marriage to be.  To ensure we get off on the right foot.

[Engaged couple]  As one of the engaged couples attending, it gave me a foundation to begin my Christian marriage.

Additional observations, suggestions or remarks:

I have a few friends who would really benefit from this.

We (my husband and I) truly enjoyed this weekend and it helped us to remember we have to put each other first.

I had a great time sharing this seminar with [my mate]

.  We gained a great deal of knowledge and tools to use in our process of strengthening our relationship through Christ.

How my marriage can be/is a tool to share Christ in the world.

If you are interested in attending one of our seminars and/or retreats or know someone who should, please make sure to look at our upcoming schedule and contact us.  We’d love for you to join us in strengthening your marriage.


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