Life in God’s Way – Bible Study 2

In the following study, God’s Word gives us guidance for the prioritization of all our relationships.  While not necessarily providing hard and fast rules, it does provide some helpful guidelines that are  simple and memorable.  As an introduction to this study, you may wish to review my blog post on “Relationship Priorities.”

Once again, any feedback or questions you have on this study are encouraged (either in a comment at the end or by way of an email to me at  I’d be glad to respond to you and I’d also like to use constructive feedback to improve this study for later usage.

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Life in God’s Way … A Bible Study

Rev. Dr. Todd A. Biermann

LESSON 2:  A SIMPLE Way to Prioritize Our Relationships in God’s Way

Read Mark 12:28-31

  1. What relationship should be first in our life and why?
  2. Which relationships does Jesus group together as being of second importance and whom does this include?
  3. The prior lesson focused on the institution of marriage as the first and only social institution that was established by God prior to the fall into sin.  What implications might this have on the priority of the marriage relationship in comparison to all other human relationships?

Read Eph. 5:31

  1. In God’s institution of marriage, what other relationship is specifically mentioned and what implication does this have about the importance of this other relationship?  How does Exodus 20:12 fit with your answer?
  2. While God clearly places a high priority on the relationship between a child and his/her parents, what does God’s wording in the institution of marriage teach about the priority of the marriage relationship in comparison with all other extended family relationships?

 Read 1 Cor. 12:12&13

  1. What does this passage teach about the importance of our relationship with fellow believers in Christ?
  2. What does Gal. 6:10 teach about the importance of our relationship with fellow believers in Christ as compared to our relationship with those outside the church?

Read Matt. 28:19-20; Mark 12:31; Gal. 6:10

  1. What do these passages teach about our relationship with those who are not yet fellow members of the body of Christ?

 Apply the insights from this lesson to your life.

  1. Based on this study, discuss the pros and cons of prioritizing our relationships in this order:  Jesus, Spouse, Children and Other Extended Family, Church Family, Everyone Else in the World.
  2. How could it be helpful to have a simple and memorable idea of relationship priorities in mind when it comes to handling our daily interactions with God and others?
  3. When it comes to our efforts to properly prioritize all our relationships in life, what comfort is there in knowing that our first relationship is with Jesus, our SAVIOR?

Pray:  Dear Jesus, help us to always put you first in our life.  Next, help us to properly prioritize the time and energy we spend on our relationships with all our “neighbors” in this world.  When we fail to prioritize our relationships in your way, forgive and renew us through our number one relationship with you.  Amen.

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