Make It a Date!

Last week we had the privilege of hosting 20 couples at our church for a “Romantic Dinner” complete with candles, nice music, free food and guided conversation.  The couples all raved about how wonderful it was to be on a “date” with each other.  Most commented that they RARELY do this.  THIS SHOULD NOT BE SO!!!

One of the lessons Heather and I have learned by experience and from countless wise mentors is that going on dates with your spouse regularly (ideally weekly) is VERY important to a healthy, thriving marriage.  Just as time in worship with God each week refreshes our faith, so also time with our God-given spouse on a date refreshes our relationship.  It provides an opportunity for uninterrupted conversation.  It allows you to be physically present with your beloved.  It reminds you that so much of what occupies you every day really isn’t very important by comparison to your prime relationship with Jesus and your next most important relationship … with your spouse.

If you’ve neglected date time with your spouse and the idea of spending time alone together seems unappealing or even frightening at this point, don’t give up and say it’s beyond hope.  God is gracious and loves to give us fresh beginnings.  Turn to HIM in prayer about this.  Then trust that He can and WILL bless you when you put a date on your calendar and just do it.  If you need some help with ideas on what to do for your date, there are many great resources available.  For instance, Heather and I have enjoyed using date-night planning kits from FamilyLife ministry.  These little kits offer lots of interesting and inexpensive ideas to fit every couple and every budget.  We’ve enjoyed things like buying a gift for your spouse in the mall for under $2 or leading your spouse on a scavenger hunt with pictures or playing disc golf together.  If finding babysitters is an issue, perhaps you can trade off watching the children with another couple that’s also in need of a date night.

Stop making excuses!  Pray for God to guide and bless you.  Put a date on your calendar EVERY WEEK.  Make your marriage a priority.  The payoff is priceless.  It’ll fuel the flames of romance in your marriage and lead you to a lifetime of growing love.  Make it a date … RIGHT NOW!

couple holding hands Myrtle beach sunrise © by David N Cooper

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