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Keys to Communication

I like to follow posts that appear on the FamilyLife webpage.  I keep some of them handy because I find them to be especially useful.  One particularly good post on communication that first appeared in 2005 was titled 5 Communication Tools That Saved My Marriage.  It was written by Rob Flood. The five key principles highlighted by Flood were these: 1. The Principle of First Response: The course of a conflict is not determined by the person...

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Prayer Partners

Last week on vacation I wrote a book.  May not sound like a lot of fun, but it was something I’d been trying to get to for the past three years.  Ever since I finished my doctorate, I’ve had people asking me for my “material” in a concise, usable form.  It really seemed the Lord was saying, “You need to get this out there.”  But, I could never find the time to sit down and put together my thoughts in a...

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What’s God Blessing?

So often I get an idea in my head and I just KNOW it’s the right thing. But, for some reason, things just don’t go the way I want them to. Then I might resort to praying for a while. Surely God will make it work out the way I want. No go. That’s not the way it works when it comes to life in God’s way. I need to start in a different place. I can’t start by asking God to bless what I want to do (putting ME on top). I need to start by...

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Couple Prayer Power

Couples often ask, “What’s ONE thing we can start doing immediately to improve our marriage?”  To answer that, I need to know what they’re NOT doing.  Quite often, a couple of quick questions will provide some important answers.  Are you confessing your guilt to each other and offering forgiveness in the name of Jesus?  That’s one great place to start.  Are you praying together daily?  That’s another...

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Prayer Power

Prayer power prevails as proper prioritization is put in place. Prominence must be placed on prayer to the Preeminent Provider of all that is positive.  Passing beyond our puny plots and placing our plans in His pierced palms provides us with the perfect perspective for prosperity.  Particularly, each penitent plea is provided with prompt and perfect pardon. Passing to priority two, prayer with our partner puts us in the perfect place to...

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Life in God’s Way

How Marriage in God’s Way Shapes a Complete Christian Worldview