Prayer Power

Prayer power prevails as proper prioritization is put in place.

Prominence must be placed on prayer to the Preeminent Provider of all that is positive.  Passing beyond our puny plots and placing our plans in His pierced palms provides us with the perfect perspective for prosperity.  Particularly, each penitent plea is provided with prompt and perfect pardon.

Passing to priority two, prayer with our partner puts us in the perfect place to prevail over the pernicious plots of the patron of pain.  Paired in prayer we are poised to pounce on every plan to part us.  Prayer points our paths where the Prince of Peace presides and preempts all peril for perpetuity.

Pleasant pastures are prepared for all who put prayer in a place of prominence with persistence.  Please pray for plentiful prayer and a preponderance of pleasant products to permeate each place where proper prayer prioritization is practiced.  Pretty please 🙂

From “More Good Foundation” Photostream

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