What’s God Blessing?

So often I get an idea in my head and I just KNOW it’s the right thing. But, for some reason, things just don’t go the way I want them to. Then I might resort to praying for a while. Surely God will make it work out the way I want. No go.

Not the expected door ...

Not the expected door …

That’s not the way it works when it comes to life in God’s way. I need to start in a different place. I can’t start by asking God to bless what I want to do (putting ME on top). I need to start by asking HIM to show me what HE wants me to do (putting HIM on top). Then, when I see Him doing something that I can use my gifts to support, I can ask Him to use me to be a small part of HIS work. Then, I can be sure He will keep on blessing what HE has been doing all along.
This “Life in God’s Way” ministry is a prime example. Not something I had ever dreamed up for MY life plan. But, God has continued to open doors in this direction. As I’ve humbly followed HIS lead, HE has continued to bless HIS work through me and in spite of me. Here I am, Lord. Use me in some small way to support what YOU are already blessing!

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