Honoring Dad

What’s the best way to honor a parent?  Pay back all the money you “borrowed” over the years?  Engrave a special tribute on a paver brick?  Give a gift to a favorite charity in his name?  All of these might be appropriate.   But, I took advantage of the opportunity God gave me yesterday.  I was invited to share the principles of Life in God’s Way with a group of pastors and other church workers in Nebraska.   Since Dad lives in Nebraska, I made arrangements for him to attend.  I have to admit I was a bit nervous about having Dad there.  He’d never been able to attend one of my seminars prior to this.   I grew up idolizing Dad as the perfect Christian man and father.  While I’ve grown to understand that he’s not infallible, I still respect him as a tremendous man of God with great wisdom and Christian character.  I really wanted to honor him.

That’s why I prayed for God to help me simply be faithful to His Word and to present my material in the same way I always have before.  That’s the heart of Life in God’s Way.  Faithfulness to God’s Word.  Real life application drawn from experience.  Sharing what I saw in my Christian home as a child.  And that’s how I could honor Dad.  It was a joy for me to show him that I really had been watching, listening and learning from him as a child.  I could honestly say to that group of church leaders that I had been blessed with a dad who modeled Life in God’s Way.  I could pass on to them what I had received.  And without making a big presentation or embarrassing show, I was able to honor Dad … in God’s way.

Thank you Dad!  I love you!



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