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Wisdom vs. Violence

The headlines are telling again of great violence in the world…civil war, displaced citizens, terrorist bombings, political clashes, and racially motivated assaults and protests…just to name a few. Nothing new in a world blinded by man-made wisdom. WE think WE know what WE need. We fight against anyone who sees things differently. Violence will always result from the corrupted wisdom of sinful people, which we all are. Again, we...

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Big & Cheap Weddings

Dave Boehi of Family Life ministries had this to say in his March 2 Marriage Memo, “Here’s a paradox: Recent studies show that married couples who had weddings with a large number of guests are more likely to stay married.  At the same time, couples with expensive weddings are at a greater risk for divorce.”  SEE the full blog here. I certainly can support these finding based on experience.  Those couples that are more...

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Honoring Dad

What’s the best way to honor a parent?  Pay back all the money you “borrowed” over the years?  Engrave a special tribute on a paver brick?  Give a gift to a favorite charity in his name?  All of these might be appropriate.   But, I took advantage of the opportunity God gave me yesterday.  I was invited to share the principles of Life in God’s Way with a group of pastors and other church workers in Nebraska.  ...

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Crystal Clear Priorities

On the Sunday before Christmas, we were hit by a major ice storm that knocked out the electricity for most of the homes in our area.  The early predictions were that power could be out for up to a week.  Since it was well below freezing outside, I was concerned about many issues: my family staying warm, our pipes freezing, the food in our refrigerator and freezers going bad, elderly neighbors being safe, members from church being hungry, cold...

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Life in God’s Way

How Marriage in God’s Way Shapes a Complete Christian Worldview