NO Shades of Grey

The novel “Fifty Shades of Grey” topped the best-seller list.  Now, the movie by the same name, is set for release on Feb. 13, just in time for Valentines Day.  Even “upstanding” couples are taking interest in this movie as they’ve heard it will stimulate a more exciting sex life.  Unfortunately, the means to such excitement is to delve into some not so upstanding realms such as sadism, masochism and other abuse.  This book and movie only reinforces one of Satan’s greatest lies … that we can find pleasure and fulfillment by following our own desires rather than God’s way.  Following the path laid out in “Fifty Shades of Grey” will only lead people to 50 shades of guilt, shame, regret, pain, fear, sorrow and emptiness.

There’s a MUCH better way to a more exciting and fulfilling sex life … GOD’S WAY!  Most people think that God is against sexual enjoyment; that He only intends sex to have one practical function … that of producing children.  Quite to the contrary, God designed sex to be a beautiful gift to be fully enjoyed by one man with one woman in the context of a thriving marriage relationship.  Note, however, the context is essential.  Apart from God’s design, sex loses its power to bring lasting joy and delight.  But, in God’s design, it serves as a culmination of the union in heart, mind and spirit between a husband and wife who are following God’s way in ALL of life.  When sex is celebrated by a husband and wife who are sacrificial and unconditional with their love, it provides a wonderful, physical taste of heaven.  Dozens of couples who’ve followed my counsel on God’s way to a fulfilling sex life have reported back to me that it’s more fantastic than they could have ever imagined.  Some, by comparison to a previous life according to Satan’s way for sex, have commented that the difference is “black and white.”

For a fulfilling, enjoyable, renewing, exciting, lasting and even heavenly sex life … run away from “Fifty Shades of Grey” and into the loving arms of Jesus.  He does want couples to have all those wonderful things for their sex life and more.  He WILL provide it as we enjoy sex and all of life in His way.

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  1. Bruce Trevithick says:

    A topic many in our faith shy away from and do not want to discuss openly is handled in this post by Pastor Biermann in a straightforward, open, and Christ-centered way. Thank you for addressing this important issue on a topic that will get a lot of attention with the arrival of this movie.

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