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A Peep Show

Last week I got away with all my in-laws for some long-needed vacation time.  I had a great time focusing on my thumb and first two fingers.  Using the “Thumbs Up” illustration, that means I reconnected with Jesus, my wife, my kids and several of my extended family members.  I did NOT worry about my duties in the church.  It was WONDERFUL to not be responsible for decisions beyond what to eat or which family member to take...

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Moms’ Night Out

Last night Heather and I had the privilege of viewing a pre-release screening of a new movie called  Moms’ Night Out.  This comedy was full of laughs as it showed many realities of motherhood and family life.  It’ll be a great movie to see when it comes out on Mother’s Day weekend.  I encourage husbands to treat their wives by taking them or allowing them to go with some other moms. WARNING!  The movie also had some...

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Life in God’s Way

How Marriage in God’s Way Shapes a Complete Christian Worldview