A Peep Show

Last week I got away with all my in-laws for some long-needed vacation time.  I had a great time focusing on my thumb and first two fingers.  Using the “Thumbs Up” illustration, that means I reconnected with Jesus, my wife, my kids and several of my extended family members.  I did NOT worry about my duties in the church.  It was WONDERFUL to not be responsible for decisions beyond what to eat or which family member to take out next in the canoe.

One of the best parts of the trip was simply laughing about silly little things.  A prime example was the great time I had around the fire pit one evening.  It started with s’mores.  You know … the delicious combination of a roasted marshmallow, chocolate and a graham cracker.  However, my sister-in-law, Lisa, had been planning something special for this trip for a long time.  Since Easter she’d been saving several packages of marshmallow “Peeps.”  Little yellow chicks made out of marshmallow covered in sugar.  Turns out, these little guys roast up really well over a campfire to make the perfect center for a tasty s’more.  As several of us were roasting our Peeps over our outdoor fireplace, I made the comment, “Hey, it’s  a Peep show!”  My wife and her three sisters burst out laughing and thought that was a hilarious notion.  Soon, they were all around me with their own skewered Peeps and my mother-in-law was snapping incriminating pictures.

Our "Peep Show"

Our “Peep Show”

So, before these pictures appear elsewhere, I felt compelled to include one here and put a positive spin on our little “Peep show.”  Here’s my best shot 🙂  If roasting marshmallow Peeps with the family I love can get us all to laugh and forget about any other worries in life for a while, then I say roast away and call it whatever you want!  My advice to everyone out there who’s worried about all of your troubles and relationships and responsibilities is this; get some Peeps; roast away; have a “Peep show;”  laugh a lot!  It’s good for your relationships.  It’s good for your soul.  AND, it tastes great too.  Peep!  Peep!

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  1. scott dunavent says:

    I’m happy for you that by the grace of God your soul is being refreshed! I pray God may richly bless you and your family!


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