Vacation or Vaccination?

Next week I’m heading on a vacation.  However,  when I’ve told some people where I’m going, they say it sounds about as much fun as having a vaccination.  You see, I’ll be spending a week in northern Michigan sharing a house with Heather, Hannah, Micah … Heather’s parents … her 3 sisters … their husbands … and one niece.  The mention of all these relatives sharing a home for a whole week makes some people cringe.  They can’t stand to be around their in-laws for a couple hours, let alone a whole week.

However, I’m actually eagerly anticipating this week away.  I thank the Lord that I get along very well with all my in-laws.  I really do enjoy spending time with them.  Does that mean we don’t have any differences?  No!  We sometimes disagree.  There are also times we agree to do our own thing for a while.  BUT, we all share one main thing in common … a focus on Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.  This certain faith draws us all together as the bride of Christ.  We know His love and show His love.  This factor compels us to sacrifice our selfishness and forgive one another when we do hurt each other.  It leads us to accept each other unconditionally.  It prompts us to delight in spending time in the physical presence of one another.  Sharing a common “Thumbs Up to Jesus” view on life draws us together in true love.

All this having been said … I still invite your prayers that we have a great vacation.  Even brothers and sisters in Christ can drive each other crazy at times … especially if it’s rainy and we can’t get away from each other for our “personal time” along the way.  So, pray for sunny weather and Christ-like attitudes.  I was just at the doctor and he said I’ve had enough vaccinations 🙂

Happy together on a prior family VACATION!

Happy together on a prior family VACATION!

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