Moms’ Night Out

Last night Heather and I had the privilege of viewing a pre-release screening of a new movie called  Moms’ Night Out.  This comedy was full of laughs as it showed many realities of motherhood and family life.  It’ll be a great movie to see when it comes out on Mother’s Day weekend.  I encourage husbands to treat their wives by taking them or allowing them to go with some other moms.

WARNING!  The movie also had some somber reminders of some of the pain that goes along with our attempts to live life in God’s way.  We WILL fail as parents …  as husbands and wives … as the Bride of Christ.  AND, others WILL fail us.  One line in the movie really hit home.  The “pastor’s wife” in the movie thanked two other moms for inviting her out for a night with them.  She said, “This is the first time in five years that any of the women from church have invited me to go out with them.”  This line immediately brought a pained expression and a tear to Heather.  Noticing, I asked her what she was feeling.  She said it really wasn’t that she’d never been invited out, it was just that it’s sometimes hard to be married to “the pastor” and to carry all the baggage that goes with it … often unnoticed by the world.  I knew I couldn’t “fix” it, but I held her hand, kissed her and reminder her of how much I appreciate and love her.  Still, my heart ached because I know how much she sacrifices for me every day.

Thankfully, the movie had several clear reminders of the UNCONDITIONAL forgiveness and love of Jesus for us … just as we are.  It also reminded me to ENJOY Christ’s love and laugh MUCH more.  Through our failures, He STILL loves us and promises us perfect relationships in the New Creation.  In the mean time, it would do us all good to laugh at life a whole lot more 🙂

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