Contrasting Voices

This past week I was disgusted by the reports that came out from the Grammy Awards.  In a very loud and bold show, the world’s view of relationships was celebrated.  This view was clearly in total defiance of God’s plan for marriage to be the life long union between one man and one woman.  It was also made clear that, in the eyes of the world, if you say it loud enough and get enough people on your side then it MUST be true!  I, however, beg to differ.  God’s Word still stands.  God’s way is STILL the best way.  Many faithful throughout the earth STILL believe this.

Courtesy of Jeffrey Beall


As an example that should be noted, I point to someone who will be viewed by millions this coming Sunday night.  In the Super Bowl, Peyton Manning will be the starting quarterback for the Denver Broncos.  Although he won’t be screaming, singing or even talking about it much, he will be LIVING what he believes.  He will be living with his focus on JESUS first, family second and other things, including football, after that.  Although I certainly don’t know the details of Manning’s faith, I admire him for one thing.  He is letting his humble behavior be a witness to the world of what matters to him most; following the Lord in all of life.

Don’t believe what the world screams at you.  Keep your ears open to the still, small voice of the Lord that continues to sing with TRUTH for your life.  Watch for the bold witnesses who are STILL putting Jesus first, even if they don’t shout about it.  Let the joy of the Lord be your strength to show the world that you will continue to live your life in God’s way.

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