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This past Tuesday I was interviewed live on KFUO AM radio by Andy Bates, the host of the daily “Faith-n-Family” program.  I thoroughly enjoyed being able to share God’s awesome way for ALL our relationships.  I basically summarized, in one hour, the heart of this Life in God’s Way blog-site.  If you listened in, great.  If not, you may want to go listen to the show now by finding it on the KFUOAM.org archives.  Or, even more simply, you can go directly to the archived program by CLICKING HERE.

I’d love to hear your feedback from the show.  Here’s what one of my congregational members had to say after listening …

Hi Pastor,
I listened to the Faith and Family program on my computer yesterday. You did an excellent job! You didn’t sound nervous at all. Your devotion and expertise on the subject of marriage and family God’s way, was very evident. The only thing missing on the radio, is the passionate intensity in your eyes that people couldn’t see, as you spoke of God’s plan for marriage. I know how you long for people to “get it!”  
I have never really thought about a Christian marriage as being a reflection of the relationship our God wants with all people……. He loves unconditionally, forgives, keeps His promises (faithful), and is always there for us. It’s what all married couples desire. 
Next time someone asks me why [my husband] and I still love & like each other after 50 years of marriage….I’m going to say, “if you think our relationship is remarkable, you ought to try living in a committed relationship with our Lord……it’s the example we strive for and it will bring unimaginable blessings to your life!”  
God bless you and Heather in all that you’re doing for Him.

Let me know if you agree, disagree or have something else to share.  What matters most to me is that more people are receiving the perfect love of Jesus and then sharing that love in all their other relationships.

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