Snow Doors

Doors.  They can close us in and shut others out.  They can let us out and welcome others in.  Too often in my neighborhood, doors isolate us from each other.  However, 18″ of snow can change that!  This last Sunday and Monday we received enough snow to prevent anyone from entering or exiting our subdivision.  While this can be bad in some ways, it can also be good.  The good from this storm was the doors it opened to my neighbors.  I had the opportunity to go OUT my door and shovel some snow (I do actually enjoy this … fresh air, no phone, good exercise).  I also had the opportunity to dig out some neighbors who weren’t able or prepared for the job.  In doing so, several of their doors OPENED to me in a way they wouldn’t normally.  I was able to have some great conversations with some who are normally too busy running here and there and everywhere.  I was also able to bring comfort to the elderly neighbor who just lost his wife.  Best of all, several of the conversations turned to matters of God’s power and love.  Without any “intrusion” on my part, I was able to speak of the goodness of God.  Doors that were usually shut were opened to receive this good news.

Living life in God’s way isn’t about being rude and intrusive.  It’s about recognizing the doors that the Spirit is opening around you every day.  And, when the doors are opened, to exit our own comfort zone in order to bring HIS comfort to someone else.

I love snow days!  I love snow “doors.”  I love being able to take Jesus into those open doors.  That’s life in God’s way.Snow Door

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