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LCMS Michigan District Conference on “Church, State and CULTURE”

Last Saturday I attended a conference on the topic of “Church, State and Culture.”  All three noteworthy speakers observed that the culture in America today truly is “post-church.”  It’s no longer the norm to go to church and practice the Christian faith.  Many Christians believe we can and must stop this trend through political means.  Others are holding their heads in hopeless despair.  However, all three speakers on Saturday took a different approach.  They pointed out that this post-church culture is nothing new and that God is still God and the Gospel is still our constant hope and joy.  In fact, NOW is the perfect time in America for the Christian message to be welcomed by individuals who are experiencing the heartache and pain of a post-church culture.

I agree completely!  People are eager to hear some good news that addresses the emptiness of living the American dream based only on what we achieve and experience and feel.  As clear evidence to this, last Friday night I helped Heather host a free date night at our church.  We had a capacity crowd of 24 couples who eagerly came to learn of God’s way for their relationship and to enjoy putting it into practice.  They all raved about how much they enjoyed the evening and how it blessed their relationship.

The prophet Isaiah says, “For the fool speaks folly, … to utter error concerning the Lord, to leave the craving of the hungry unsatisfied, and to deprive the thirsty of drink.”  (Isa. 32:6 ESV)  Yup.  That’s a good description of American culture today.  It’s also why the message of life in God’s way is being received so eagerly.  People are hungry and thirsty.  Jesus and His way of love are just what they need.  We Christians are in a great place and time to give it to them!

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