One wedding, two funerals, two classes and four worship services.  Not the title for a hit movie, but the description of the weekend that awaits me.  A bit overwhelming if I try to do it all in my own power.  BUT, thankfully I don’t have to face it that way.  Instead, I’m keeping my THUMB UP to Jesus FIRST!  I know I’m already a winner even before I begin.  As the recipient of His unconditional love, I’m still married to Him even if I mess something up or fail to perform to my standards.  By His sacrificial love, I’m forgiven for the lack of attentiveness to the needs of others (esp. Heather and the kids) that will inevitably be part of my weekend.  By His incarnate love, I’m looking forward to feasting on His Body and Blood for my most important nourishment.  Yes, with my THUMB UP to Jesus, I’ll not only survive this weekend, but have the joy of passing along His AWESOME love to many hungry souls.  How blessed we are when we remember to keep our THUMB UP to JESUS … FIRST!

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2 Responses to ONLY With Jesus FIRST

  1. Pam Maust says:

    Pastor, you certainly will get through this tough week with the Lord’s help. You are such a blessing to all hearts you touch and I’ve been blessed to have you in my life if only for awhile. You just make a difference in this world. Love and miss you and your wonderful family.

    • Todd Biermann says:

      Thanks so much, Pam! You and your family have always been such a great blessing and encouragement to my entire family! All our love to you.

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