A Gay New Year

It happened in Maine yesterday.  Couples were lined up at midnight to get their marriage license and tie the knot.  The news report showed the smiling faces of two men who had waited for years for this opportunity.   I could rant and rave about how this just isn’t right and that it’s not what God intends for us.  Instead, I’m filled with sadness.  I’m sad that the events in Maine are the fitting next step in a sequence of events that has progressed for years in our nation.  It’s part of a cycle that’s repeated itself time and time again in the history of earth.  Whenever we choose to ignore God’s way for marriage, it loses its power and blessings.  It becomes a throw away institution we can use for a time and then discard when it no longer makes us feel good … just like the new video game we got for Christmas.  I’m sad that EVERYWHERE you look, you see people cheating themselves out of God’s tremendous gift of marriage.  It’s true in these latest marriages in Maine.  It’s true in “moral” America.  It’s true in our Christian churches.

How do we break free from such a sad situation?  NOT with anger and malicious tirades.  Only by returning to God’s way.  Only when a man decides to leave mother and father, hold fast to his one wife and become one flesh with her for life.   Only when one man and one woman choose to love sacrificially, unconditionally and incarnationally.   Only when we learn of such love from Jesus by praying and studying His Word daily.  Only then will there be hope for marriage.  It’s then that couples can live in the daily forgiveness of Jesus that gives us lasting, guilt-free love.  It’s then that the peace, joy and deep-seated happiness will return to marriages everywhere.  It’s then that couples will WANT to live in God’s way because it’s so much better than our way.  It’s then that the joy of marriage in God’s way will be so appealing to the world that many will ask us how to have it.  It’s then that the Gospel of Jesus Christ will be able to draw others into a saving marriage with HIM first.  It’s then that the institution of marriage in God’s way will bring hope to all the relationships in our land.  It’s then that more and more couples will be so content with their godly relationships that they won’t be deceived by all of Satan’s lies about finding happiness apart from God’s way.

This is what I see when I read headlines like those in Maine.  I see the urgent need for those of us who know God’s good way for marriage and relationships to live our life in God’s way… more clearly and vocally.  Enjoy God’s good gifts to the fullest.  Let your peace, joy, and enduring happiness be evident to all.  It’s then that we can face the new year with purpose and hope instead of anger and despair.

Living life in God’s way … I pray a BLESSED NEW YEAR to you all!

Happy New Year ! 2013 © by El coleccionista de instantes

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