Death Comes Home

Pete and Hannah

Death came home this week.  You’re probably tracking with me directly to Newtown, CT.  I’m getting there, but by passing through my own home first.  Yesterday morning we awoke to find that our family’s beloved pet parakeet, Pete, had died during the night.  Seems trivial in the big picture.  But, it was significant in our home.  It brought the reality of death into our home in a way we couldn’t ignore.  It required the physical viewing of death.  It required the digging of a grave and the burying of earthly remains.  It required (or at least certainly produced) the shedding of tears.  This visitation of death within our own doors made the events in Newtown much more real.  It reminded us that we’re far too callous to the pain of death that’s all around us EVERY day.  The media attention to Newtown has touched us all.  We see and hear the heart-breaking reports and we’re moved to tears.  Still … most of us aren’t the ones who must place the body of our loved one into a cold, dark hole in the ground.  When death comes into OUR homes, the reality can shake the very foundation of our lives.

It’s then that relationship is SOOOO important.  Our daily relationship with Jesus is the ONLY thing that can get us through the reality of death.  Jesus, who came in REAL flesh and blood at Christmas, also died and rose in REAL flesh and blood.  He loved us to death … and still does.  This knowledge is the only thing that gets us through the reality of death.  The love of Jesus doesn’t stop all evil from coming into our homes.  We still live in a sick, sin-infected world.  By the prompting of the Devil, sinful people will continue to bring hurt into our lives.  BUT, Jesus loves us with a love that breaks through the limits of death.  Even if death does come into our homes, we know it’s NOT the final word.  We, who are in a relationship with Jesus, are certain that we will STAY in that relationship for eternity.

Death is real.  It ALWAYS stinks!  It ALWAYS hurts!

Death is NOT the end … for those who are loved by the REAL God-man Jesus!  He conquered death!  He gives us victory over death!  We’re in an eternal relationship with Him!  This is our REAL comfort and hope … when death comes home.

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