Yes, I’m a Thinker

Let me start this post by warning you, this is Heather writing today.  This is my first time sharing and frankly I’m stepping outside of my box.  I have wanted to write a post for a  a month now but I kept putting it off, okay procrastinating until I felt so much guilt for not writing that I’m forcing myself to do this task.  I’m the one who would rather read 10 other people’s blogs than try to come up with my own witty and  inspirational words.  It’s not natural for me to put all of my many thoughts into organized and interesting words.  I know a lot of this has to do with my personality.  I’m a thinker.

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I’ve been reading this book, “Personality Plus,” by Florence Littauer and have  loved learning about the 4 different personality types that Littauer describes;  Popular Sanguine, Powerful Choleric, Perfect Melancholy and Peaceful Phlegmatic.    I took the 40 question quiz at the beginning and figured out that I’m a “Perfect Melancholy”.  Then I made Todd, our kids, my mom, my 3 sisters and my two college friends take it.  I have really gotten into this.  You might think I’m crazy, but I attribute my new obsession to my personality type.  I’m a thinker.  Yes, a pessimistic, introverted, thinker.  Wow, when I saw those words I was heart broken.  I started to think and think and think some more.  Go figure.  I guess I really am a thinker, though I never really thought of myself as one.  I decided to read more and really learn about the 4 different personality types that Littauer describes.   I realized that I did have many of the strengths and weaknesses of a perfect melancholy.  I’ve been able to finally put words to all of my thinking.  I’ve been able to see my strengths more clearly and focus on my particular weaknesses as areas I need to work on.

You might be wondering why I’m sharing all of this.  Well, I feel that it has really helped me in all of my relationships.  As I said earlier, I “made” all of my closest family and friends take the quiz (some more willingly than others, thank you) so I would have a better understanding of who they are too.  I was amazed to discover that of my 3 sisters and me, we each scored highest in one of the 4 different personality types.  How cool is that.  And looking at the various strengths of each of the types it really does fit each of us.  I love knowing this and having words for it.   I’ve been able to use my new knowledge to understand my family and to know that many of their words and actions do truly fit with the type of person they are.  Of course we all realize that no one is 100% in any of the personality types but that’s what makes each of us so unique.

In the past I would often get hurt by comments others made and I’d take it so personally and I’d think about it for days.  Now I can see that because of my perfect melancholy personality my weakness is to be too sensitive and the weakness of other types is to not be sensitive enough when they’re speaking.  This combination led me to get hurt and have a lower self esteem.   Now, after having a better understanding of the natural strengths and weaknesses of others I can let those seemingly flippant comments go and not take them so personally.

God has made each of us in a very unique and special way.  We all have different personalities with particular strengths and weaknesses that make us who we are.  I love knowing that our Creator is perfect and has a perfect plan for each of us.  It’s our job to live out each of our relationships in a way that pleases Him.  I’m trying to strengthen my relationships by learning about these 4 personality types and loving those around me in a better way, God’s way.  Keeping HIM first in my life, I’m able to forgive those who hurt me and love others unconditionally, even if they’re not thinkers.  No matter what, God still loves me.  I think I’ll go and think about that some more.


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  1. Pam Maust says:

    Wow – awesome job Heather. This little message really says it all. You are a most gracious person whom everyone loves. Love and miss you lots.

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