Life in God’s Way – Bible Study 7

When it comes to understanding what God teaches about relationships, it’s fitting to spend some time focusing on those who may feel left out.  This study will look especially at the relationship concerns of the single person who is too young to be married, divorced, widowed or older, but never married.  God certainly has a deep love for every one of these people as well.

Life in God’s Way … A Bible Study

Rev. Dr. Todd A. Biermann

LESSON 7:  Relationships for the SINGLE PERSON in God’s Way

By TheeErin

Read Mark 10:13-14; Luke 21:1-4; James 1:27; John 8:3-11

1. What do these passages all teach about God’s attitude toward people who are not married?

2. What special concern does God have for those who appear to be maligned, trapped or desperate because of their single status?

Read Matt. 9:15; Rev. 19:7; Rev. 22:17

3. According to these passages, how does Jesus relate to EVERY Christian, even those who are single?

4. Are single people in any way “inferior” by comparison to those who are married?  Are there social/relational factors that may make them feel this way?

Read Eph. 5:31-32

5. Can single people be fully part of the Christian church, the bride of Christ?

6. What comfort does this passage give to the single person as it describes the way that Jesus loves His bride, the church?

7. How can this passage be applied in bringing a Gospel witness to the single people around us?

8. Explain how the application of this passage to single people might be useful in keeping some from choosing to enter into behaviors or relationships that are against the will of God.

9. How could every Christian act more regularly in an incarnate way to bring the love of the Bridegroom, Jesus, to those who are single (young people, widows, widowers, divorcees, never married)?


Apply the insights of this lesson to your life.

1. If you’re single, consider/share how it brings you comfort to be claimed as the bride of Christ.

2. If you’re married, consider/share how your marriage relationship can be a living (incarnate) picture for everyone, even single people, to see how Jesus loves us.

3. Share some specific ways you have reached/will reach out with the sacrificial, unconditional and incarnate love of Jesus to those in your church who are divorced, widowed or not yet married.

4. Share some specific ways you have reached/will reach out with the sacrificial, unconditional and incarnate love of Jesus to those in your life who are outside of the Christian faith and are divorced, widowed or not yet married, esp. if they are currently in a relationship that is against God’s will.


Pray:  Jesus, my perfect Husband, use me to bring your love and comfort to those who are not married. Help them to receive your sacrificial, unconditional and incarnational love in a way that will keep them from feeling unloved or inferior to others.  Preserve us all in your perfect love until we share with you in the great wedding feast awaiting us in heaven.  Amen.

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