What Nail?

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This past week Heather and I had some pretty “intense” discussion.  We’ve been debating the best way to handle some necessary home repairs.  Questions arise about the best use of our dollar.  Do we just do the minimum fix at minimum price?  Do we do the fix well, hopefully to last a bit longer, for a bit more money?  Do we do a bit of “home improvement” while we’re doing the repairs … hopefully increasing the value of our home?

These “discussions” reminded us that we sometimes see things from a different point of view.  Not that one is right and one is wrong … just different.  This can be hard when I’m a natural “pointer” and “fixer” and Heather is more of a “painter” and “thinker.”  In the midst of it, I directed Heather to this video titled, “It’s NOT About the Nail.”  Click on the link and check it out.

Watching the video helped us both laugh a bit and not take our situation so seriously.  We may disagree at times, but our life really isn’t so bad.  In fact, its’ AWESOME!  We both have a Savior, Jesus Christ!  We both KNOW we will be with Jesus in His New Creation for all eternity!  We both have Christ’s assurance of peace, wisdom and strength each day.  Jesus does NOT want us to make bad choices.  As we both go to Him in prayer for our shared decisions, He WILL guide us.  I may sometimes want to focus too much on the “nail.”  Heather may sometimes want to ignore the “nail” entirely.  But, as we turn to Jesus in a united manner, everything will work together for good in the end.

Talk seriously with those near you.  Listen to their perspective.  Step back and laugh a bit WITH each other.  Remember what really matters.  Thumbs up to Jesus.  ALL will work together for good.

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  1. Ton Buchler says:

    Pastor… Thanks for sharing. I seen this same video from a buddy at work. It so reminded me how Jen and I communicate, sometimes…

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