Music to My Ears

Today was the last day of a GREAT week of VBS (Vacation Bible School) at Faith.  It wasn’t great because there were over 400 kids in attendance (which there were).  VBS  It wasn’t great because the singing was so wonderful (which it was).  It wasn’t great because the snacks were so good (which they were).  It was GREAT because I heard a couple of things I love to hear.

I had the privilege to lead the Bible story time for three of the days this week.  On the day that I talked about what Jesus did for us, I focused on the gift of Baptism.  The “music to my ears” that day was having at least four children raise their hand to ask, “Can I be baptized?”  One even said, “As soon as you’re done talking to us, could I, please, be baptized?”  What an awesome gift to me to hear these children asking for the free gift of life.  You can be sure I spoke to each of them about how super it was that they wanted this gift.  I then told them to talk to their parents about it right away and then we could all talk together about getting them baptized as soon as possible.  Now THAT’S a GREAT VBS moment!

The second time I heard “music to my ears” was this morning.  I was talking about the gift of God’s Word recorded for us in the Bible.  I shared how it teaches us all about the tremendous love of Jesus for each and every one of us.  Before they left the Bible story time, I heard several children ask, “Can I have a Bible?”  Before the day was over, about a dozen children went home smiling with delight as they held their first Bible.

This was a GREAT VBS!  The children learned about the tremendous blessing of putting Jesus FIRST in life.  They were eager to give a “THUMBS UP” to Jesus, and I was delighted to respond to their beautiful request for HIS great gifts.  Awesome!

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  1. Jeff Yderstad says:

    Wow!! How wonderful to hear. What a great joy that must have been for you. Thank you for sharing!

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