Bye Bye Boy Scouts

When I was a boy growing up in Gladwin, Michigan, a favorite winter game was king of the ice mountain.  We would make a huge pile of snow, ice it down with a lot of water and then fight for control. The key was to get your opponent to step off the very top.  If you could do that, they’d have a quick slide down to the bottom.

By Jeffrey Simms Photography

I’m very sad today that the Boy Scouts of America has begun its own quick slide to the bottom. Yesterday’s decision of the national board to allow local troops to welcome the participation of openly homosexual boys was the first step off the top of the mountain.  The BSA has lost its solid moral footing.  It’s not the issue of homosexuality that’s the key to this demise.  It’s the loss of a single standard of what’s morally right.  By trying to stand for everything, the BSA will now stand for nothing.

As a boy, I was proud to be a Scout.  I knew it stood for something.  The BSA shared my respect for what God had declared to be right in His Word.  Now the BSA has decided that money, majority and might makes right.  As soon as this happens, the number of views on what’s right becomes just as widespread as the number of people on earth.  We each have our own selfish opinion of what’s right and best for “me.”

I’m gonna stick with what I learned in the BSA of my childhood.  God shows us the morally solid place to stand in His Word of Truth.  He’ll give me the stable footing I need as a Christian, husband, father and citizen.  This is the only way to live life in God’s way.  This is the only way to keep from joining the vocal majority on its quick slide down the slippery slope to destruction.   Sticking with God, He’ll keep me on top of the mountain.

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