Thankfulness Follows

Fall Cornucopia — Rosslyn (VA) November 2012 © by Ron Cogswell

When you keep your “thumb up” to Jesus, thankfulness follows.  Jesus is perfect in His love to us, His bride.  He never fails us, but always supports us.  He supplies what we really need every day.  When we keep a “thumbs up” perspective, it gives us the right view of everything in life.  We don’t get so caught up in the small stuff … which is everything in this world by comparison to the eternal blessings Jesus gives us.  We are forgiven.  We are loved.  We are bound for heaven.  We’re free from fear, guilt and despair.  We have a living hope.  Thankfulness follows from such a view on life.

Keeping our focus on Jesus also leads to thankfulness for all His blessings in the here and now.  When we consider how selfish, foolish and rebellious we are, we know we really don’t deserve anything from Jesus.  But, He acts with unconditional and compassionate love to give us food, clothes, houses, cars, CHOCOLATE (my personal favorite) and so much more materially.  Better than these things, He also guides us to fulfilling and joyful relationships with others as we live life in His way.  Loving spouse.  Beautiful children.  Supportive friends.  Church family.  All these relationships are gifts from God.  All these relationships in HIS way cause thankfulness to follow.

Oh give thanks to the Lord, for He IS good!  That’s worth a big THUMBS UP!

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