Oh, Baby!

Theophilus Stephen

The birth of a baby is always miraculous and thrilling.  This was especially true this past weekend when my associate pastor’s wife gave birth to their second son.  Little Theophilus was born a few days earlier than expected, but without any problems for baby or Mom.  We certainly have a reason to rejoice.

I especially rejoice with this family because they have their priorities in order.  Before Theophilus was even born, they had his baptism date scheduled.  They knew that the most important thing they could do for this little one was to put him into the hands of Jesus.  From the get go, they’re teaching him about “Thumbs Up” to Jesus.

I’m also a bit biased on this one because Heather and I have been asked to be Theophilus’ godparents.  What a humbling privilege.  We have the awesome and wonderful responsibility to point Theophilus to Jesus throughout his life.  We get to lift him up to the Lord in prayer every day.  We get to share the greatest treasures of all with him … forgiveness, new life in Christ, eternal life with Jesus in heaven, divine guidance for every day.  It’ll be fun to give Theophilus the cute clothes and the cool toys.  It’ll be fun to teach him lots of bad tricks while Mom and Dad aren’t looking.  But, most of all, it’ll be awesome to make sure he understands where to point his thumb (when it’s not in his mouth) … UP to JESUS!

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  1. Gwen Moyer says:

    What a blessing you are to my son and his family. I cannot wait to meet this new family member and to be present as he his welcomed into Gods family.

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