Clear Mission

Faithfully living every relationship in God’s way.  That’s the mission statement for my congregation.  It’s based on a “Thumbs Up” worldview.  First and foremost, we live in relationship to Jesus Christ.  He’s our Savior.  He’s our Lord.  He’s number one in all we do.  All our other relationships flow from this first one as God intended.  Whether it’s our spouse, our children, our fellow Christians or acquaintances in the world, we strive to live all these other relationships in God’s way.  The mission statement is simple, but it says an awful lot.

Jesus Christ! © by Loozrboy

At a new member class the other night, one participant commented, “I’ve seen a lot of mission statements in my lifetime in the world of business and THAT is a great mission statement.  It’s clear, concise, understandable and powerful.  Very good!”  The rest of the class chimed in with their agreement and added their own supportive comments.  Relationships are the key to life … when Jesus is the first.  It was great to hear that these new members “got” it.  Not only did they “get” it, but they were on fire to live by it and share it.

No matter where our world is headed, the folks from the new member class are ready to live their life under the guiding principle of faithfully living every relationship in God’s way.  They know and believe that Jesus will not fail them as they have a saving relationship with Him.  They also know that their other relationships will work out the best when they take what they learn from Jesus and apply it in these other relationships.  In God’s way, relationships prosper.

Presidents come and go.  Nations come and go.  Relationships in God’s way will last forever!

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