This past Tuesday I had the privilege to speak to a good number of the 900 teachers and support staff from the Grand Blanc public schools about leadership. I was at one of twenty-four stations along a “scavenger hunt” around town to learn about positive character traits. The overall event was part of a national campaign called the “Positivity Project.”


I was thrilled by how receptive everyone was to my message about leadership based on right relationships. They appreciated my sharing of the “Thumbs Up” illustration of relationship priorities. Not a one contested my message that a strong leader needs to have his or her personal spiritual life in order first before attempting to lead anyone else. I shared that Jesus Christ has revealed Himself as the key to my life and my leadership of others. Many heads nodded in agreement and the others listened attentively and respectfully.

I’m thankful that I could bolster the faith of the Christians who are serving in our public school system. I’m also very thankful that those who didn’t claim to be Christian were still willing to hear what I said about Jesus and relational leadership.

I share this as a reminder that we should never be afraid to share the Good News of what Jesus gives us. We don’t have to be confrontational or rude. We can give our testimony with love and respect. Then, the Holy Spirit will do the rest. I’m sure the Spirit was doing some powerful work among the Grand Blanc public schools staff last Tuesday and will continue to do some wonderful work in the year ahead. Life in God’s way is ALWAYS the best way!

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2 Responses to Positivity

  1. Pat Falk says:

    As you know I do daycare for Grand Blanc school staff. When they picked up their children they commented on how wonderful your messages was ! They said it was one of the best stations of the day. ??. Thank you pastor Biermann for being a great leader in our community.

    • Todd Biermann says:

      Thanks for the feedback, Pat. Thanks, also, for your loving Christian service in our community. All to the glory of God!

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