What We Provide…

a1-use-heather-n-toddMany have asked us for a concise summary of what Heather and I provide to help marriages, families, churches…the world!

Here it is!


What we teach

1. How God’s way for marriage shapes every relationship & particularly shapes our Gospel witness to ALL the world!

2. Sharing God’s instructions for marriage & relationships from Gen. 2:24, Matt. 19:5 & Eph. 5:31f in a SIMPLE, MEMORABLE and CHRIST-CENTERED way, utilizing two key hand illustrations (Thumbs Up relationship prioritization [LINK to VIDEO] and The Marriage Triangle of sacrificial, unconditional and incarnational love [LINK to VIDEO]).

Live in God's Way73. Showing how these teachings shape a complete Christian worldview as outlined on this site, www.LifeinGodsWay.com


How Todd and Heather can serve together

5 to 10 hour/2 to 5 day seminars/retreats for any number of participants:

1. Dating in God’s Way – for youth to prepare & understand dating, sex, engagement, marriage, leaving home

2. Engaged in God’s Way – for engaged couples to prepare for marriage in God’s way (EXCELLENT resource for pastors doing pre-marriage counseling to lay a foundation & supplement personal counseling &/or inventories)

3. Marriage in God’s Way – great for those who have been married 1 to 70 years; helps hurting marriages receive healing and healthy marriages become even better and be filled with greater delight and joy

1 to 2 hour presentations/lectures:

1. Dating in God’s Way – overview of all or focus on one of dating, sex, masturbation, engagement, marriage

2. Sex & Masturbation in God’s Way – frank talk on tough issues for children, youth and/or parents

3. Engaged in God’s Way – quick overview of how to handle engagement in accord with God’s way

4. Marriage in God’s Way – quick overview of God’s intent for marriage – LINK to VIDEO “All Godly Relationships Are Marked by Sacrificial, Unconditional and Incarnational Love”

5. Thumbs Up Priorities – overview of God’s way to right relational priorities with simple illustration – LINK to VIDEO “Thumbs UP” to Relationship Priorities

6. The Power of Confession & Forgiveness – description and exercises in this essential tool for relationships

7. The Power of Prayer – how praying out loud together benefits marriage and any relationshipcover-thumbnail-photo

8. Handing Out Life – how God’s plan for marriage shapes our evangelical witness to the world (GREAT for an evangelism Sunday/retreat/seminar) – LINK to VIDEO “Marriage as a Gospel Witness”

9. The Respectful Wife – how godly submission leads a wife to rich blessings in marriage

10. The Loving Husband – how the truly loving husband brings great joy to his wife and himself


How Todd, specifically, can serve (sometimes also utilizing Heather’s input)

Pastoral counseling to…

1. children, esp. suffering from broken relationships

2. youth/singles

3. pre-marriage couples

4. married couples, esp. in crisis/transition mode

5. divorced

6. pastors/church workers in their personal relationships, esp. marriage

7. pastors/church workers in their service to others

Preaching on various relationship themes including…

1. Marriage in God’s Way

2. Life in God’s Way (how God’s plan for marriage impacts EVERY relationship)

3. Witnessing in God’s Way (drawing on concepts in his book Handing Out Life)

4. The Power of Confession and Forgiveness

Congregational Training for…

1. Structuring programs and activities around a “Thumbs Up” worldview

2. A program of marriage preparation (including group seminars & personal counseling)

3. A program of marriage help/enrichment (including group seminars & personal counseling)

4. Outreach in all of life shaped by marriage in God’s way

Bible studies such as summarized by the 8 lessons in the back of Handing Out Life

Teaching occasionally at the University or College level [Have done recently for Concordia University-Wisconsin/Concordia University-Ann Arbor]

Conferences for laity, pastors and/or other church workers

Book lecture & signing events on Handing Out Life

Presentations on improving relationships (at home and in the community) to civic organizations such as Rotary Club, Lions Club, school board, public teachers’ forum [have done all of these with great reception]

Presentations on improving relationships (at home and work) for businesses/work associates such as Chamber of Commerce, realty teams, car salesmen [have done all of these with great reception] – SEE MY POST


How Heather, specifically, can serve (sometimes also utilizing Todd’s input)

1. Teaching & mentoring women, such as she does regularly as a MOPS (Mothers of Pre-Schoolers) mentor mom

2. Guidance & support for wives of pastors/church workers

3. Youth instruction on dating, sex, masturbation, engagement, etc.

4. Guidance on home-schooling in God’s way (we have home-schooled our 2 children through high-school)


Where we are willing to go

ANYWHERE in the world


When we are available

NOW is the critical time for disciples of Jesus to NOT back down from the Bible’s Gospel Truth on marriage!

NOW is the time to support marriage between 1 man and 1 woman as a living picture of Jesus and the church!

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