Daughter Date Night

In less than a year from now, my “little girl” will be heading off to college. I can’t believe that day is drawing near so quickly. As I was looking at my schedule for this year, I decided I couldn’t waste these precious months I have with Hannah still in our home. So, I decided it was important to put a regular date night with her on my calendar. Now, I still intend to keep a weekly date night with my wife, Heather (she still holds the #1 position among all my human relationships), but Hannah and Micah are in that next priority level (the rest of my family) as represented by my middle finger. And in case you’re wondering, I’ve also scheduled one night a week especially for Micah (along with our weekly morning Bible study we attend together to keep Jesus in the “Thumbs Up” position).

Tonight I’m eager to begin a special adventure for my date nights with Hannah. She loves tactile art. So, tonight we will be starting a ten-week class of “pottery on the wheel.” I’ve always been intrigued by this beautiful art form. I’m excited to be learning it together with Hannah. I’m sure it will give us lots to laugh about and remember together for the rest of our days.

Photo by Anna-Maria Oléhn

Photo by Anna-Maria Oléhn

Don’t neglect the important people in your life, especially your spouse (forefinger) and children (middle finger). As you’re given days with them from the gracious hand of God (thumb), cherish those days by building your relationship of love. It doesn’t have to be work. In fact, it can be a lot of fun. I’m looking forward to joining Hannah in this new adventure. Plus, it will likely provide me with some comic relief for future blogs 🙂

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