Arequipa Presentation Today

We arrived safely in Peru and are now in Arequipa. Our first night’s sleep here was very nice in our lovely hotel.

Today we will be presenting our marriage seminar to at least 40 couples. They are so excited to hear what we will be giving to them from God’s Word. Our hosts here are wonderful and are taking great care of us. Veruzka is the primary leader and she is doing great in organizing. She is so excited and has all the details worked out well. We are very excited to present today to these eager couples. Your prayers would be greatly appreciated as we deliver God’s gifts. We pray that all the couples will be touched by God’s love personally and will be filled to overflowing with love for each other. Pray also that they will be inspired to share God’s gifts of love, forgiveness and life in His way with everyone they meet. May God, in His mighty power, change this whole country and all of the world that many more will know Jesus, His love and His Way.

Thanks again and God bless you all.

By the way, the picture is out of the door of our very nice hotel room. It’s beautiful here!

Hotel Casona Solar in Arequipa

Hotel Casona Solar in Arequipa

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