Great Seminar in Arequipa

Our seminar in Arequipa went very well yesterday.  We had over 40 couples in attendance. They were very receptive and eager to learn more of what God has to teach about marriage and relationships in God’s Way. We really enjoyed meeting all the wonderful people here. They were very warm and welcoming. It was great to see that God’s love is drawing the family of Christ together throughout the world. They were so gracious, they gave both Heather and me an alpaca wool  warm winter hat with an attached scarf.  They’re a beautiful gift that we’ll be eager to wear back home in Michigan.


Arequipa Seminar

Arequipa Seminar

y the power of the Spirit marriages and relationships will grow closer to the Lord Jesus. And, through their love, many more will learn of Jesus’ love for them and join us in salvation in heaven. Join us in thanking the Lord for these blessings and that He will continue to bless our time here in Peru.

Today we will be visiting sites in Arequipa. Tomorrow we return to Lima where we will lead another seminar. Thank you for your prayers and support. God bless.

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