Step-families … a Quiz

You or someone you know is most likely in a step-family.   This is neither good nor bad.  It’s just the way things are and have been for a very long time.  Being involved in a step-family can have many blessings and many challenges.  The difference depends on the same thing that affects EVERY family … whether or not the individuals involved are living out their relationships in God’s way.  You might think that a step-family is destined to have more problems than a “traditional” family.  Not so!  The love and power of Jesus Christ is able to guide ANY family down a path toward contentment and joy in life.


Because there are so many misconceptions, it’s important for ALL of us to get accurate information about step-families.  I really appreciate the efforts of FamilyLife ministry to dispel false ideas about step-families.  To this end, I just took an online quiz they created.  I invite everyone, even if you THINK you don’t have any ties to a step-family, to TAKE THIS QUIZ NOW BY CLICKING ON THIS LINK.  After you take the quiz, they’ll email your score to you along with the correct answers to the 15 questions.

We can ALL do our part to support every family, including those in one of the 67 possible step-family combinations (that’s a clue to the quiz).  Discovering your areas of ignorance is one of the first steps.  I’m thankful that I’ve been keeping up on this topic for a while and was able to score 15 out of 15.  But, I still learned a lot by reading through the facts after the quiz.  If you’re currently receiving and sharing the love of Jesus in your family on a regular basis, you know what a blessing it is.  Join me in learning all we can about step-families and what we can do to support them in living out life in God’s way.  The more we understand each other, the more we can help each other toward receiving the awesome blessings Jesus has in store when ANY family is living in His way.


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2 Responses to Step-families … a Quiz

  1. Misty Arlington says:

    I am a part of a step family and I really love the fact that me and my family are so close and it just goes to show that you do not need to be DNA to be a family and we can still be Christian as well. My husband wants to legally be my kids’ father so he is going to do a step parent adoption with What does the church think of step parent adoptions? Are they okay to do?

    • Todd Biermann says:

      Adoption can be a true blessing to both those being adopted and those doing the adopting, including in step family situations. It reflects the way we have been “adopted” by God through grace. Even though we don’t deserve it, God has chosen us to be part of His family. Of course, adoptions need to be done properly according to the legal directives of the state.

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