Giving Jesus a Bad Name

Photo by Mindaugas Danys

Photo by Mindaugas Danys

This week I was struck by several examples of boys acting badly.  I’m not talking about little children who have an excuse.  I’m talking about married men who are choosing to act like little boys.  They’re refusing to uphold the commitment they made when they married.  Instead, they want to behave like selfish little boys.  What frustrates me so much is the way this hurts EVERYONE!  It hurts their wives who are denied the love they’re meant to receive.  It hurts any children involved who don’t receive the supportive and caring love of a father they need, not to mention an example they need to follow.  It hurts all the extended family and friends who are torn up by the suffering they see.  It hurts these men who know in their hearts they’re NOT being what God intended them to be.  Most of all, it hurts the name of Jesus.  Husbands are meant to show Jesus to the world by the way they treat their wives.  They’re to show the world the way that Jesus loves us as they give that same kind of committed love in marriage.

To such boys behaving badly, I just want to shout out, “STOP IT!  STOP IT, RIGHT NOW!”

But, I realize that probably won’t help too much.  They probably aren’t the ones who would ever put in the effort to read this blog.  So, I’ll turn my frustration in the direction of our only hope … the PERFECT Husband, Jesus.  I rejoice in His forgiveness for me for when I start to be a bad boy (which we ALL do at times).  I thank Him for His constant commitment and love to every wife and child that’s being hurt by a bad dad.  I pray to Jesus to send His Spirit into the hearts of those boys who think they’re happy behaving badly.  May the Spirit point them to the much greater JOY that comes when we repent of our foolishness, receive His forgiveness and commit to His ways of righteousness.

If you’re suffering from a boy behaving badly or you know someone who is, turn to Jesus first.  He IS committed and will ALWAYS love us perfectly.  Then pray for that boy to be moved by the power of the Spirit to be the man God made him to be.  Finally, ask him to read this blog.  I’m happy to say it like it is.  Maybe, just maybe, the Spirit will be able to grab the heart of a little lost boy and lead him to the land of manhood.  It is there, in the forgiveness and love of the perfect man, Jesus, that real joy is to be found … for a man who steps up to Christ-like commitment and for all who will be blessed through him.

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